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A New Cool Hits Universities with the Jollibee Waffle Cone Twirl School Invasion

School season’s finally here and all the anxiety of college freshmen students were instantly cooled down by the new Jollibee Waffle Cone Twirl, the dessert that lets students get maximum satisfaction from the fun and exciting experiences of their college life. With the Jollibee Waffle Cone Twirl School Invasion, the country’s favorite fast-food chain doubled the excitement with cool activities and an exclusive sampling of the delicious dessert treat.

Jollibee visited De La Salle University, the University of Asia and the Pacific, and Ateneo de Manila University and nudged students to become Mr. and Ms. Congeniality by challenging them to a fun and easy game of Load the Jollibee Waffle Cone Twirl Sheets. All the students did was to chat with as many fellow freshies as they could, collect their names and majors and jot the info down on the given sheets.

Aside from the cool and indulgent Jollibee Waffle Cone Twirl, students got premium items such as Jollibee gift certificates, limited-edition Twirlbooks, lanyards and flash drives featuring their school logos, personalized bag tags as well as plenty of new friends.

Jollibee also set up a mini cyber café and lounge area where students were able to chill out and interact with each other.

With a two-toned flavored waffle cone on one hand that’s overflowing with either Vanilla flavor or Krunchy Chocolate—vanilla soft-serve with crunchy chocolate and rice crispies —and shaking another student’s hand on the other; young teens definitely had a sulit first week of school. From here on, they can enjoy this treat at the nearest Jollibee store and continue getting maximum satisfaction with friends out of their college days.

Freshmen enjoyed their orientation seminar at Ateneo with smiles, and a sweet and new sulit treat from Jollibee.

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Jollibee greeted DLSU’s froshies with a delicious and fun loaded experience.

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