Crunchy Chicken Burger

July 5, 2011

Enjoy chicken burger goodness you can’t live without with the new Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger


Growing up in a fast-paced world, today’s young career-driven individuals can’t imagine life without the convenience offered by technology. The heavy demands of work often require them to be on-the-go and be seamlessly connected, anywhere and anytime. Still during these hectic times, they simply can’t live without a delicious and filling meal that can satisfy their cravings. Good thing, Jollibee now offers a great-tasting meal that hardworking professionals would enjoy amid all the rush.

The new Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger offers a handy treat that makes dining a mouth-watering experience even while on-the-go. It is made with 100% juicy, pure chicken fillet that’s seasoned with special spices, cooked to a perfect crisp then layered with a special dressing in a soft toasted bun.

Affordably priced at only P39 solo, busy workers can delight in its flavorful goodness again and again, whether on the way to the office, at home, or hanging out with office buddies. For a full meal, they can order the Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger Value Meal with a regular-sized soft drink for only P52, or a value meal with regular fries and drink for only P72.

So for the young professionals out there, it’s high time to head over to the nearest Jollibee store to experience a whole new crunch with the Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger. You surely won’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried its chicken burger goodness!

The new Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger is also available for take-out, drive-thru, or through delivery via the 8-7000 Jollibee Express Delivery Service or