Core Values

Core Values

Through the years, JFC has formed its foundation from good business practices and strong core values of Customer Focus, Speed with Excellence, Integrity, Spirit of Family and Fun, Humility to Listen and Learn. JFC continues its steadfast commitment in upholding these core values:

Customer focus

  • We provide utmost satisfaction for our¬†customers by delivering on taste, value,¬†and experience.‚Äã
  • We seek to understand and anticipate the¬†needs of our internal and external¬†customers, and we act on them‚Äã.
  • We recognize our responsibility to be¬†actively involved in the betterment of our¬†community and our environment‚Äã.

Speed with Excellence

  • We set challenging goals and execute¬†with urgency and quality‚Äã.
  • We constantly seek to improve the way¬†we do things.
  • We are agile and are able to adapt readily¬†and quickly to change

Humility to Listen and Learn

  • We seek, welcome and value feedback.
  • We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.
  • We aspire to learn from people from all walks of life.‚Äã

Spirit of Family and Fun

  • We take care of each other and bring out the best in everyone.
  • We are true to our name, hard-working and happy.
  • We recognize individuality and foster teamwork.


  • We live by honestly and we do what is right all the time.
  • We act as responsible stewards of the company.
  • We speak our minds constructively when needed.