Company’s Policies

Company’s Policies

The Company implements and upholds the following policies:

Conflict of Interest Policy

In business dealings with outside parties, the Company takes steps toward ensuring that it is not subject to any actual or apparent conflict of interest. Dealings with suppliers and service providers are observed in an impartial manner, without favour or preference, other than the best interest of the Company.

Absence of conflict of interest is among the qualifications considered by the Nomination Committee to determine the final list of candidates for directorships in the Board of Directors. The Company also has internal policies on conflict of interest which apply to senior management and to all employees.

Related Party Transactions Policy

No business is transacted for the Company with any related party except where such dealings have been fully disclosed to the Company and specific written approval has been obtained from the pertinent division.

Insider Trading Policy

The Company observes the statutory rules and regulations pertaining to prohibition against insider trading.

 Employee-Related Welfare and Benefits Policy

In addition to statutorily required benefits, employees are provided with healthcare benefits. The Company requires its employees to undergo internal training and encourages external training as and when related to an employee’s functions. Employees are provided with all benefits required under the law.

Whistle-blowing Policy

The Company endeavours to maintain the highest standards of business ethics, as well as full compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations. As such, it ensures that a system is in place which will enable all stakeholders to submit reports, complaints or any other information regarding any fraudulent, illicit or unethical activity in an anonymous and confidential manner, without fear of reprisal.