Annual Reports

Annual Reports

2013 – JFC Annual Report

2013 Annual Report (7.09 MB)

2012 – Branding great taste.How do you brand great taste?

A brand is like a person. It is truly unique. Its name clearly reminds of some things; to consumers – its benefits, its promise of high quality. Branding is about creating that identity. At Jollibee Foods Corporation, we create and serve great tasting food. Always, the food taste must be worthy of the brand name. Through concise and catchy taglines, we communicate to consumers the brands’ promise of high quality.

2012 Annual Report (69,400 KB)

2011 – Drive to a greater future.Jollibe Foods Corporation (JFC) continues to create lasting and memorable moments with family and friends as it shares the joy of eating locally and around the world. With its store network exponentially growing in numbers, JFC has set its sights on bigger dreams for future expansions. JFC seizes the dream of putting up each brand in interesting key locations across the globe, to delight the diverse palates of the international market. Visualizing these aspirations with artistic renderings, JFC shares its imagination and bold dreams towards its Drive to A Greater Future.

2011 Annual Report (39,600 KB)

2010 – Spreading the joy of eating to everyone.Sharing a meal is more than just dining on delicious food. It is about spending time with family, friends, and colleagues. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) understands this and strives to make each dining moment a delightful experience. With its diverse variety of brands and food choices, JFC reaches a broad range of customers from different walks of life all over the word – truly spreading the joy of eating to everyone.

2010 Annual Report (48,200 KB)

2009 – The Place is a BrandWhat makes a brand? More than just a name and a logo, a brand has character. It can be formal or playful, aged or young, traditional or modern, elaborate or simple. A good brand does not just deliver its benefits. It does so with distinctive style! The brands of Jollibee Foods Corporation serve great tasting, great value food. They provide dining experience in a place designed to delight in a way that is consistent with the brands’ character. In this annual report, we feature our restaurants showing the different personalities of our brands.

2009 Annual Report (4,138 KB)

2008 – Growing by Adapting the Flavors of the WorldTHE WORLD IS GLOBAL, BUT ITS TASTES ARE LOCAL. People adapt foreign foods but change them to their tastes. This is natural. Taste preference along with those of aroma, texture, and presentation evolved over hundreds of years, influenced mainly by the kinds of plant and animal food that grow in their geography. Local preferences are hard to change.

This presents challenges and opportunities for those serving food in many countries. They should understand and satisfy the local tastes. If they do, they would have new markets. Their array of cuisines and flavors would also expand, giving them even more chances to serve a wider variety of food to other peoples in other places. For Jollibee Foods Corporation, this is one of the meanings of “growth”.

2008 Annual Report (5,019 KB)

2007 Р30 Years Enhancing CelebrationsJOLLIBEE BEGAN WITH TWO ICE CREAM PARLORS in Manila in 1975. It became a formal business enterprise on January 11, 1978 with the establishment of Jollibe Foods Corporation. Since then, JFC had grown to become the largest food service company in the Philippines and one of Asia’s most promising food service enterprises.

Today, JFC operates more than 1,600 stores in the Philippines and 9 other countries with 8 brands: Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Yonghe King, Delifrance, Chun Shui Tang and it’s latest addition Manong Pepe.

Even in its earliest years, Jollibee brand was not just about convenience and affordability in eating out. It has always been about great tasting food in a fun and wholesome place. It has a great place for celebrations

These qualities have become parts of the character of all brands in the Jollibee Group.

In 2008, Jollibee Foods Corporation is celebrating its 30th year of official existence. More meaningfully for its employees’ they are celebrating 30 years of doing a fine job og enhancing customer celebrations!

In this annual report, Jollibee Foods Corporation features customer celebrations patronizing our products in and outside of our stores.

2007 Annual Report (2,636 KB)

2006 – Building Leader Brands: The Art of MarketingWhen people look at our logos, what quickly comes to their minds? Most likely, images of Jollibees Chickenjoy and Yumburger, Chowking’s Chinese noodles, Greenwichs pizzas and pastas, Delifrance’s freshly-baked breads, Red Ribbon’s cakes and pastries, Yonghe Kings soy milk and dough sticks, and Chun Shui Tangs tea drinks. But logos aren’t simply about products. Logos, and the brands they represent remind people of the brands’ promises. Like a distinctive flavor, texture, juiciness and aroma of familiar food products; the liveliness, colorfulness, cleanliness and atmosphere of fun and customer delight in the dining place; the ready smile, warmth and courtesy of the store crew.

As a profound definition, a brand is a promise to a certain delightful experience. For this 2006 Annual Report, we take a closer look into the leader brands that make up the Jollibee Group. We invite our readers to take this journey with us, how we communicate the brands’ promise through effective marketing; and how we ensure that the brands’ promise is delivered always, and even betterthrough constant innovation and improvement in products, service and store design. This is our art of marketing. It helps explain why the Jollibee Group has become a group of leader brands. It gives more insight into why our brands keep on achieving superior performance in the market place.

2006 Annual Report (4,714 KB)

2005 – Ordinary People with Extraordinary AchievementsPassionate dancers, a violinist, a nature lover, a church lector, an aspiring artist, a cyclist an extreme climber, a baseball player, an NGO volunteer, a rising star and a photography enthusiast. They are people in Jollibee Foods Corporation. They live theirs fully with their varied interests. But they are also ordinary people who enjoy the simplicities of life. The people of Jollibee Group are ordinary people. What makes them stand out are their characters and the values they apply in daily life.

2005 Annual Report (4,714 KB)

2004 – Inside our great tasting foodEveryday, 1.7 million people enjoy our great tasting food in our happy and fun restaurants. When they stand before the counter, they already know more or less what they want: the crispy Chicken Joy in our Jollibee store, the rich flavored Halo-Halo dessert in Chowking, the Primo Pizza in Greenwich, the French Baguette in Delifrance, or the Deep Fried Dough Stick in Yonghe King. They want to repeat the delightful dining experience they have whenever they come to our restaurants.

2004 Annual Report (1,313 KB)

2003 – Our youthful optimism for the futureOn cover is 17-year old Miss Astrid Isidoro, a first-year college student in St. Paul University System in Quezon City, taking up Business Management.Like so many other people of various ages, she enjoys dining in restaurants run by Jollibee Group of Companies. Astrid represents the young population of the Philippines… and of Asia.

2003 Annual Report (1,313 KB)

2002 – 25 Years of spreading great taste and happinessJollibee is a major international brand with its heart in the Philippines and its strength born of Asian pride. Uncompromising in its standards, flexible and responsive, every outlet in the Jollibee chain offers customers wholesome fun and affordable, superior tasting food served in a bright, clean and imaginative environment.

2002 Annual Report (19,280 KB)