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Great Float Fair: Jollibee Float Hikes Up the Cool Factor

Bonding with friends skyrockets to more refreshing heights as Jollibee launches its newest indulgent beverages – the Jollibee Floats Рfor a cooler langhap-sarap dining experience. Letting young Pinoys enjoy the refreshing lift the Jollibee Float offers, Jollibee recently held a two-day Great Float Fair at the Trinoma Activity Center.

Hundreds of guests had a memorable time with their friends thanks to the two new variants of the soda treats: the Jollibee Coke Float with its cool and frothy combination of ice-cold Coke topped with creamy vanilla twirl and rich chocolate syrup; and for fans of cold drinks with a fruity twist, the Jollibee Watermelon Sprite Float with its perfect combination of Sprite, decadent soft-serve and watermelon syrup.

Dance floor heartthrob and the newest endorser of Jollibee Floats, Enchong Dee, kicked-off the fun and excitement at the event with action-packed dance numbers. Embodying the cool and refreshing goodness of Jollibee Floats, Enchong multiplied the cool factor by meeting and greeting his young fans.

Taking the guests to an all-new, refreshing high were a roster of group activities designed to let them experience the delightfully refreshing sensation from the Jollibee Floats. Guests soared at the bungee trampoline and the zero-gravity corner that featured nifty gadgets like the Van de Graaff generator to let them experience the feeling of floating first-hand.

They also enjoyed cutting-edge fun with interactive motion-sensor games on the XBOX Kinect, and took home group jump shot photos, complete with Jollibee Float in hand. Escalating the excitement at the fair was DJ Gelli Victor as the host and popular dance group G-Force who treated mall-goers to electrifying dance performances.

“With the launch of the new Jollibee Floats, bonding time with the barkada will surely get cooler and more refreshing. Groups of friends can always celebrate big events, hang out, and enjoy a complete and satisfying dining experience with their favorite Jollibee treats topped off with refreshing desserts and drinks like the Jollibee Floats,” said Albert Cuadrante, Jollibee vice president for marketing.

With the new Jollibee Floats, friends can now float away to delightful refreshment whenever they want. Visit the nearest Jollibee store and join the cool new craze with the affordable Jollibee Coke Float and Jollibee Watermelon Sprite Float available for only P25 and P28, respectively.

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Enchong Dee enjoys a refreshing lift from the Jollibee Float.

/images/buzzroom-image51.jpg” />
Enchong Dee super fans were wowed by his action-packed dance numbers at the Jollibee Great Float Fair.

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Jollibee Float endorser and dance floor heartthrob Enchong Dee captivated fans and mall-goers with electrifying dance moves.

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Jollibee Great Float Fair host Gelli Victor tried out the Van de Graaff generator for herself.

/images/buzzroom-image56.jpg” />
Teens marveled at the hair-raising effect of the Van de Graaff generator at the Jollibee Great Float Fair.

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Barkadas who went to the Jollibee Great Float Fair enjoyed cutting edge fun with the XBOX Kinect’s motion-sensor floating games.

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Young guests had fun at the ball machine.

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Lovers of the Jollibee Coke Float and Jollibee Sprite-Watermelon Float gathered at Trinoma mall to enjoy a refreshing lift with friends.