Training Program

Training Program

There is a measure of comfort to be derived from the fact that a mother company or franchisor will provide continuing support to its franchisees.

Even before a new Jollibee franchisee gets started with building his restaurant – he undergoes a Basic Operations Training Program (BOTP). This training is supplemented with other programs that will enrich the franchisee’s management and analytical skills needed in the operation of the restaurant.

Other foundations necessary for a restaurant to take shape – such as store layout & design, equipment specifications, furniture & fixtures and construction management are among some of the major areas where Jollibee provides its support.

In addition, creative advertising & marketing programs, product development, manufacturing & logistics facilities provide the framework to support its growing network of stores. Field personnel will render consulting services once the stores are operational.

This exciting mix of profitability and initiating an influx of employment opportunities for the community has encouraged many entrepreneurs to establish franchises not just in Metro Manila but in the different provinces in the Philippines and in countries across the globe.

Jollibee’s 29-year success is most definitively attributed to its franchising system and the quality of its franchisees. Jollibee franchisees uphold the company’s stringent standards in food quality and service.