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Everyone is a fan of something Рthat one thing that unleashes their inner geeks and brings them joy. For world-renowned American company, Funko, it’s all about finding these quirks and fandoms and catering to them with their adorable pop culture collectibles.

Funko’s licensed vinyl figurines and bobble-heads have become a global phenomenon and with diverse collections which feature icons in music, TV and film, video games, sports, and different fan-scapes under the sun, it proves that there’s something for everyone.

For Filipinos, there’s no better pop culture icon for Filipino joy and pride than the country’s beloved bee – Jollibee. On its 40th year, the country’s biggest and leading fast-food chain collaborated with Funko to produce a limited-edition Jollibee Funko Pop.

It all started when Jollibee reached out to Funko Funatics Philippines founder Nikko Lim to see if Funko founder Mike Becker would be interested in the project. In Jollibee’s short documentary “A Pop of Joy” which narrates the story of how the Jollibee Funko Pop project came to be, Lim shares the Funko creator’s delightful reaction to the proposal. “This would be huge, probably one of the biggest Pop’s we’ll ever produce. The restaurant chain is synonymous with Filipinos as well as featured as one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorites!” said Lim, as he read Becker’s email reply

A first for a Philippine brand, the Jollibee Funko Pop is on its way to becoming a rare, fan favorite for collectors around the globe. Along with the brand’s global expansion, Jollibee continues to make even more buzz all over the world.

Louie de Guzman, a Jollibee toy collector who is also featured in the short documentary, said, “As a Filipino, I think it is a sense of achievement for us because you see the brand of Jollibee representing us Filipinos going head to head with the big giants.”

Staying true to the typical Funko style, the Jollibee Pop! with black button-like eyes stands at 3.75 inches wearing its trademark red blazer, shirt, and chef’s hat.

“It’s such an honor to team up with such a well-loved brand like Funko, especially since it’s in celebration of our 40th anniversary. After spreading joy around the country and now sharing it to the world, we’re very proud that people now see Jollibee as an icon of Filipino culture. This Funko Pop is a wonderful token to all Jollibee fans that have been with us for the past four decades,” shared Francis Flores, Jollibee Brand Chief Marketing Officer.

First dibs at a Pop of Joy

At the recent AsiaPOP Comicon Manila, thousands of Jollibee and Funko fans excitedly lined up for hours for the official launch of the much-awaited vinyl Funko Pop. Later on, when it was released in selected Jollibee stores nationwide, Filbar’s, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, and Toy Town outlets, the l imited-edition Jollibee Pop! quickly sold out in just a few hours. Prior to its official release, select Jollibee and Funko Funatics were also surprised with a special preview party.

This overwhelming response was exactly what Funko Funatic, Nikko Lim, was expecting. “I was very excited to see how people would react once it was out. Based on the insanely long lines and the stories of fans waiting hours before the release, I think it was one of the most anticipated releases in the history of toy conventions. On the opening day of the convention, it drew the biggest crowd, and because Jollibee is a brand that all of us grew up with, it actually brought in a lot of first-time Comicon visitors which made the convention even more diverse,” he added.

All of these jolly moments were captured in Jollibee’s short documentary, from the priceless reactions of the crowds upon seeing Jollibee at the big launch, to the carefree laughs of guests who got to relive their childhood at the preview kiddie party.

“A Pop of Joy” also features the stories and testimonies of both Jollibee collectors and Funko Funatics that encapsulates all the feelings that Filipinos shared for the unique Jollibee Funko Pop – nostalgia, pride, and most of all, joy.

“Now that Funko has released a Jollibee Pop and that I’m now a collector of Funko figures, it’s just that feeling that you actually get to keep one of your childhood icons that you grew up with. It’s really that special,” shared Funko collector Tin Tuguigui in the documentary.

Stay tuned for other announcements on the Jollibee Funko Pop and check out Jollibee’s short, heartwarming documentary at and watch until the end for a special surprise!